Our Staff

TCA’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff are here to help you with any questions or concerns. Please contact the relevant person below or give reception a call at .

Andrew Guo
Manager, Sales
Ext. 4110

Barbara Mirsky
Office Administrator / Advantage Club
Ext. 4101

Betty Quan
Director, Managed Associations
Ext. 4119

Christy Zhang
Staff Accountant
Ext. 4102

Congshu Li
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 4107

Faith Chen
Senior Manager, TCIC/Professional Development
Ext. 4151

John Mollenhauer
President & CEO
Ext. 4111

Jason Pelligra
Events Administrator
Ext. 4104

Kaushik Chawla
Ext. 4103

Klaire Flores
Manager, Plans Room
Ext. 4109

Nazak Ghobadi
Manager, Membership Sales
Ext. 4106

Polyanna Fok
Director of Membership
Ext. 4115

Asha Parmar
Accounting Assistant
Ext. 4108

Suzana Fernandes
Senior Director, Corporate Development
Ext. 4105

Vishawn Thompson
Communications Coordinator
Ext. 4189